1) Since The items and ranks you are purchasing/donating for are Digital Items. There is a strict no refund/chargeback policy. No refunds will be granted except on special conditions. (No chargebacks)

2) Attempts to circumvent our refund policy via filing unauthorized charges with your credit card company will result in a permanent ban, and removal of purchased goods.

3) The server is not responsible if you or a third party you are purchasing for in the case of a ban, or anything else that may affect your playing experience on Cynical-X including but not limited to: -Being killed by another player, Gambling, thereby losing any purchased items. -Being banned -A server reset, including a lost rank,or other purchased goods.

4) The server can effect your rank/purchase in anyway (Perk removal to all ranks or even termination of someones rank) without refund. By buying anything here, you agree that we have full control over your rank. These events will rarely happen where a purchase item or rank will be terminated or confiscated, but is within the realm of possibility if deemed necessary by a server staff.

5) If the server is ever to shut down, all purchased items will be void.

6) Because these purchases are "donations" we reserve the right to refuse to give you your item/service.

7) If you are under 18, please have your parents permission to purchase any items from our store.


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